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Episode 2.07 Discussion Post
The Last Unicorn - Sch/Molly - Standing
o_deanna wrote in merlin_bingo
Discuss your results for episode 2.07, The Witchfinder, here!

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Alas, I didn't get a line this week but a lot of squares:

-public execution
-ship fuel: Morgana/Gwen
-Gaius raises eyebrow
-Merlin interrupts important gathering
-"Do you have any proof?"

But SUCH an amazing episode; I loved the bit when Arthur drags Merlin out of the court. ALMOST HUG!

Sorry! I only just caught up, I was out on Saturday at a Bonfire Night celebration and only just had time to watch the episode! Oh my, yes it was a good one, poor Gaius though, it all made me so sad ;__;. And that was DEFINITELY an almost hug!

Haha, I laughed when Gaius raised his eyebrow, I thought someone must have that square XD. I was hoping someone might have "Gaius gives Merlin a bollocking about using magic" too. Oh Merlin, never change!

No bingo, but I LOVED THAT EP! It had almost everything that makes me all 'squee'. The only thing I didn't particularly care for was the random Gwen insert "I'll take care of Arthur". The only way I think that worked was if she went into it thinking she'd pull the 'you killed my dad' card... which makes her kind of crafty, doesn't it? Otherwise, what did she think she had over Merlin to get Arthur to delay the execution?

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