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Episode 2.05 Discussion Post
Mod Hat
evil_underlord wrote in merlin_bingo
After two weeks of waiting, at last - it's one for the kids... Discuss your results for episode 2.05 Beauty and the Beast.

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So that was seriously boring... I only got three squares, probably because they filled up so much of the running time with fart gags. Extended fart gags.

Now now, fellow mod, we're supposed to be impartial.

I agree though, that episode kinda sucked. I liked Arthur with his shirt off, though, that was good.

Gratuitous Arthur rolling around in bed moaning was nice. For the 5 seconds it was on the screen.

Yeah, that was well good. I'll be saving that one for later. >:D

(Deleted comment)
Yep, I reckon you can have that! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A LINE!

Congratulations slightlytookish!

Feel free to help yourself to one of the extraordinarily shoddy winners' icons, if you want one, or alternatively you can request one and I'll make it for you, as those ones are a bit rubbish. XD

I've got almost nothing. Someone speaks in a magical language. And they probably drank from silver goblets, but that's about it. Maybe one of the guest star squares. It's kind of crazy that this was an Uther-centric episode and Arthur didn't display his daddy issues.

IKR? I only got three, and I only got that many because I had both "eyes of an unnatural colour" and "magical language". I was expecting way more tantrums on Arthur's part. Boo!

An Uther episode with no executions, what is this?!

i barely got anything... I blame Gwen's complete disappearing act for not getting me a line. Which is a shame, because I had 'magical brainwashing'!

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