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Signup post: Episode 2.05, Beauty and the Beast
Mod Hat
evil_underlord wrote in merlin_bingo
Comment here to play Merlin Bingo for episode 2.05, Beauty and the Beast.

Please note, there are two weeks to get your comment in as the episode airs on 24th October.

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(Deleted comment)
Please count me in again :)

clearly I'm playing. It looks like they'll be bringing back the cheese for this one after all.

I'd like to play, please.

okay, i`ll try this ...

Yay! I hope you enjoy playing, and here's your card!

I'm in, baby. Sorry I've been AWOL D:

Card! Don't worry about it, dollface - hope you're OK. ♥

Oh boy. I don't know if I should ask for a card as I STILL haven't seen the past two eps. D:

Here you go! And modhat!Merlin compels you to catch up. :P

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