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Episode 2.03 Discussion Post
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evil_underlord wrote in merlin_bingo
Discuss your results for episode 2.03, The Nightmare Begins, here!

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No line this time - hardly any squares at all actually, although I did get all three of my guest star squares, mainly due to to Colin Salmon who is one of those people you recognise from all over the place. I suppose the lack of bingo was probably because it was less clichéd and generally better written an episode than normal, which is good.

I only got, like, four squares. But as per comment above, I think it was because this episode was an awesome one. :P

Whoa I had so many squares YAY! And I may have got a line of:

- Gaius relies on scientific method [eh? Yes yes? Because he most certainly will not accept magic as the answer to Morgana's problems?]
- Ship fuel: Arthur/Morgana [Arthur/Morgana fans can definitely squint a bit and claim support for their 'ship :)]
- Morgana has prophetic dream [I stuck a shell on this before the episode even started :D]
- Someone explodes [Mordred explodes IN ANGER XD]
- Gaius raises eyebrow [May not actually be one, since it seems to be perpetually raised]

and also:
- Ship fuel: Merlin/Arthur ["Where are MY flowers, Merlin?" OMG <3]
- Morgana defies Uther
- CGI monster (not including Dragon)
- Someone wakes suddenly from a nightmare
- Dragon is obfuscatory [Come on, just say she'll lead to the downfall of everything instead of just hinting at destruction]
- Ship fuel: threesome (or moresome) [clearly everyone is in love with everyone here]
- Someone dies just offscreen
- Big no [WHY is it always the black guy who dies?]

:D feel free to slap me around and say NO that's not a line, but I'll have had fun regardless. Thanks again for the card :)

Also, the episode was great, I believe. Had loads of fun watching and I appreciate the way the writers decided to take the storyline.

Hey, I'm going to be all moddy I'm afraid and deny the line. Sorry about that. Specifically, two squares - 'Morgana has a prophetic dream' and 'Someone Explodes'. I know she had a lot of nightmares this episode, but nothing I recall that actually foretold the future. As for someone explodes - I see what you're getting at, but we meant the square a lot more literally than that, as exploding with anger/rage is a little subjective but also something that you might see in almost any show or film (thanks for flagging that up though, we've added a note to the definitions post to cover that).

(I'm also not sure about the dying offscreen, and 'big no' but they weren't part of a line).

I'm glad you enjoyed playing and hope my pickyness won't put you off signing up again :) I also really liked the episode, having had a couple of fairly silly ones to start off with this seemed to get very serious business again. Also, if its any consolation, I've been so rubbish with the icons that there's more general community ones than there are winner's icons!

Heehee. That's alright, my little one and I were trying our best and interpreted things quite wildly :D

"Morgana has a prophetic dream" - ah right! Your points are very true. Same with the exploding, but it was worth a try :D

And yes! This episode is definitely wonderful after the last two :) YAY

I know, that's why I feel bad - because most of the fun of the game is in shouting at the tv set and trying to fit things to the cards... but in the immortal(?) words of Monica from Friends, 'rules help control the fun.'

Or something.

Aw, didn't get a line this week, but a bunch of random squares:
-ship fuel: Morgana/Gwen [I brought you extra blankets my love! :D]
-Morgana taken in by random strangers
-warning bell is sounded
-ship fuel: Morgana/Merlin

Effing AMAZING episode!

No line this time either. Smeeeep. :( Oh well, can't wait for the next episode! LANCELOT! MORGANA BEING A BADASS! EMO ARTHUR! XD

Finally catching up! Didn't get a line, but a lot of good squares (especially 'magic as blatant analogy for homosexuality' - i think in this episode, the whole 'outsider' thing could be analogy for many things). Good episode.

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