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Signup Post: Episode 2.03, The Nightmare Begins
The Last Unicorn - Sch/Molly - Standing
o_deanna wrote in merlin_bingo
Comment here to play Merlin Bingo for episode 2.03: The Nightmare Begins.

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Will you need card for Jim and Marcus this time too?

Thanks for the card :D! I think MJ is away this weekend and fera_festiva sent me your fantastic nerdcore randomiser, so I'll print a card for Jim, seeing as he's a loser without an internet presence and is only playing for fun. J'mappelle Jim, Je suis Loser.

Oh yay, count me in! Perhaps third time's the charm. :P

I'd like to play, thank you!



(Deleted comment)
Want in again, please :D Had an awesome card last time, too!

Well, I hope this one lives up to the last.

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