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Signup Post; Episode 2.08, The Sins Of The Father
The Last Unicorn - Sch/Molly - Standing
o_deanna wrote in merlin_bingo
Comment here to play Merlin Bingo for episode 2.08, The Sins Of The Father.

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Here you go! I really hope this works, I'm afraid I'm a novice when it comes to google docs and indeed pdfs D:. Please let me know if you have a problem!

It looks great! And you're wonderful to do all the hard work of getting the cards together (as are the other mods!). Thank you so much ♥ And Arthur looks so dashing with his Mod Hat in your icon :)

I'm ready for some Oedipus issues that Arthur takes out on Uther.

Hi! Sorry I'm so late, here's your card. I really hope it works ok, it looks squished on the page, but the print preview seems to be ok! I don't have a pdf writing program D:

Your card is here. Sorry I'm late posting, I had some problems D:. It's not a pdf file as it usually is, but it should look ok once it's printed, let me know if not!

Oh gosh, I hope this works! Here's your card. I'm afraid it's not a pdf, but it should print out ok! It looks squished on the page, but ok on the print preview! If you have any problems please let me know :).

It works perfectly - thank you! :o)

You card is here! If you have any problems with it please let me know, I can't create pdfs, but it should print out to look almost like the cards usually do. I hope!

Craps, I almost forgot to sign up this week! I hope I'm not too late?

You're not too late! I'm almost too late D:. I've been left in charge and I just can't make pdfs or use google docs, in short, I fail. So here's your card. It should print out ok, although it looks squished on the page D:. If you have any problems please let me know!

I'm trying to catch up! Count me in!

Hello! Oh gosh, it's nice to see friendly faces. I'm in a bit of a panic over pdfs and google docs! I hope your card works OK, I'm such a novice. It looks squished on the page, but it should print out ok! Let me know if not and I'll try to fix it!

Hold on, I forgot to alter your name on the document D: D: D:

No problems. And it looks good! I don't actually print them out, so I don't know if there would be problems doing that.

(I'm slowly catching up! Ep 5 now.)

Thank you. You are wonderful and lovely! ♥

In fact, my laptop decided not to copy the link and reposted the previous one. Fail. Here is your real card! Sorry!

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