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Episode 2.04 Discussion Post
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evil_underlord wrote in merlin_bingo
Discuss your results for episode 2.04, Lancelot and Guinevere, here!

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Didn't get a row, definitely due to another well-written episode! But it was so amazing, it doesn't matter!

I got:
-CGI monster other than the Great Dragon: those rat monsters. Eew
-Gwen taken in by random stranger
-Ship fuel: Gwen/Lancelot
-Ship fuel: Gwen/Arthur

Didn't get a row, but about 5 clustered in one corner, nearly all of which were ship fuel ones. I was well pleased how much shippy stuff there was for everyone. It meant I didn't have to choose XD

close, but not quite.

Still, some good squares: public execution (big baddie executing the hapless kidnapper), soldiers search the castle (big baddie orders soldiers to search his castle for Gwen), lots of evil beards, recurring character thrown in dungeon, and Arthur/Gwen fuel, among others.

I also marked down episode main plot device drawn directly from arthurian legend, though I have doubts to this, as I believe there is a square for 'based on' as opposed to 'drawn directly'? In which case I wouldn't get it. Anyway. Chretien's Lancelot... Guinevere is kidnapped and Lancelot goes to her rescue.

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